2018 Honda CRF110F



Dirt Bike


2018 Honda CRF110F, Mini Bike, Maximum Fun.

Once upon a time, a 110cc bike was a machine for adult-sized riders with some experience in the saddle. Then Honda rethought the situation. Sure, small engines make sense for smaller riders, but small engines also can mean narrow powerbands. Why not build a bike that combined the light weight and low seat height of a beginner bike with an engine that's more beginner friendly? The CRF110F's engine size makes it easy for our engineers to tune in a super-wide torque spread and easy-to-access low-rpm power just what a novice wants and needs. The right size and the right power delivery Honda s CRF110F gives riders the best of both worlds.

In terms of seat height and weight, the CRF110F is between our CRF125F and CRF50F. It features both an effortless electric starter and a kick starter, as well. And it all teams up with our four-speed transmission with automatic clutch that s been proven in thousands of bikes, so younger riders never have to worry about stalling or a handlebar-mounted clutch.

Your rider may grow up soon, but it will be a long time before they outgrow a Honda CRF110F.

Be A Responsible Rider: All parents need to consider their youngsters' age, size, ability and maturity before allowing them to ride. Obtain a copy of "Off-Road Safety Tips" from your local Honda Dealer.



ELECTRIC STARTER: Push a button and go that s how easy it is to get going on a CRF110F. Starts after a tip-over are a snap, and the push button means no frustration if junior accidentally stops the engine.

ADJUSTABLE THROTTLE LIMITER: Set the top speed by turning a screw. That helps keep new riders from going too fast, too soon, and lets you match the CRF110F's power output to the rider's skill level.
KEYED IGNITION: You decide who rides and when because you hold the keys. Got your homework done? Good let s ride!
LOW SEAT HEIGHT: It s important to have a bike that s sized right for your rider. The CRF110F s low seat height helps build confidence right from the start. It s seat height fits nicely between the CRF50F and CRF125F.

TOUGH BODYWORK: Riders can be tough on equipment, and taking a spill is a natural part of learning. But the CRF110F can handle it. With tough plastic fenders, tank, and other body parts, the CRF110F is engineered to shrug off the minor dings of the real world.

STURDY STEEL FRAME AND SWINGARM: Less experienced riders are hard on equipment, especially when they re just starting out. That s why the CRF110F uses a strong, steel frame and swingarm that are built to handle the bumps and dings of off-road riding.

FOUR-STROKE ENGINE: The CRF110F s dependable four-stroke single-cylinder engine offers good performance with a wide powerband perfect for a wide range of riders including beginners. And because it s a Honda, you know it s reliable, too.

2018 Honda CRF110F 2018 Honda CRF110F 2018 Honda CRF110F 2018 Honda CRF110F 2018 Honda CRF110F 2018 Honda CRF110F 2018 Honda CRF110F
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