2018 Husqvarna FC 250



FC 250
Dirt Bike


2018 Husqvarna FC 250, 2018 Husqvarna® FC 250 RAZOR-SHARP AGILITY

An exhilarating, high-revving power delivery and a lightweight and agile chassis, make the FC 250 a true contender in 250 4-stroke racing at all levels worldwide. The 14,000 RPM rev limit and a massive peak power output are benchmark performance features. High quality standard equipment includes electric start, a hydraulic clutch, Magura brakes and a handlebar-mounted map switch.

Features may include:
  • Lightweight frame

With years of experience in designing the most advanced steel frames in offroad, the engineers in Research and Development designed a chromium molybdenum steel frame that redefines all structural aspects that benefit handling, ergonomics and packaging. With carefully calculated tortional and longitudinal flex, the frame works in harmony with the suspension to offer sharp handling and superior comfort. These characteristics, matched to a lightweight and compact engine design, offer exceptional handling precision while at the same time increasing bump-absorption and feeling.

  • CNC machined triple clamp

The black-anodised CNC machined triple clamps feature a rubber damping system that reduces vibration, increasing comfort. The triple clamps have been meticulously designed to evenly distribute the clamping force on the fork leg, maximizing contact area for optimal sensitivity and minimal friction.

  • WP AER 48 suspension

The WP AER 48 is a new milestone in the development of Husqvarna motocross models. It is simple, lightweight and easy to adjust through a single air valve and supplied fork pump for pre-load and click adjusters for compression and rebound. The system is made up of a set of split-system forks consisting of an air suspension unit and a hydraulic damping unit. Together with the fully adjustable WP DCC rear shock, Husqvarna offers superior suspension performance, feeling and comfort.

  • Carbon fibre subframe

The use of carbon fibre strips away weight, improving weight distribution and bringing weight closer to the centre of gravity for precise handling. The composition of the material is 30% carbon fibre and the overall 3-piece construction is remarkably light but also very strong for an overall weight of 1.4 kg. Additionally, a specific rigidity has been calculated in the component for optimal handling and rider ergonomics.

  • Engine

All major components and shaft arrangements have been carefully designed and placed in specific positions that best suit the performance and handling characteristics of the FC 250. The 250 cc engine is not only light at 26.1 kg but also remarkably powerful with an overall power output of 46 hp at the output shaft. One way in which this was achieved was by engineering key components to produce the least amount of friction possible, reducing drag as a result.

  • DOHC cylinder
2018 Husqvarna FC 250
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