2018 Yamaha XMAX





2018 Yamaha XMAX, 2018 Yamaha XMAX SCOOTER TO THE MAX!

The XMAX is the ultimate Sport Scooter with a liquid-cooled, four-valve, fuel-injected engine that is fuel efficient while producing awesome acceleration.

Features may include:
  • MAX Series DNA

More than just a practical commuter, the stylish XMAX features aggressive, angular bodywork for a high-class appearance that elevates the XMAX beyond expectations.

  • Sporty, Fuel Efficient Engine

Featuring technology developed for use in Yamaha s high-performance sport bikes, the XMAX motor is smooth, efficient and ready for everything from the day-to-day commute to fun rides on the weekend.

  • Convenience and Technology

With a fully-automatic transmission, the XMAX is exceedingly simple to ride, and comes standard with an extensive list of rider aids, including traction control and ABS. Combined with a frame designed for light and neutral handling, the XMAX makes for a confidence inspiring ride on any road.

  • Luxury + Comfort + Practicality

High-tech features distance the XMAX from your typical bare-bones scooter, including LED lighting and advanced instrumentation. With plenty of lockable onboard storage, a 12V power port to recharge small devices and an adjustable handlebar and windscreen, the XMAX is a ready to go whenever you are, whether you need to get groceries down the street or head across the state.

2018 Yamaha XMAX
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